Exiles’ Requirements

You must meet or exceed the following requirements in order to raid with Exiles:

  • All gear is gemmed and enchanted for PvE/raiding.  The quality of your gear is LESS important than the time you put into it to make it the best it can be.  Yes, this means you are to gem and enchant your blues if you are wearing them to raid.  Failure to make each piece of gear the best it can be will result in a forfeited raid spot.
  • Your active spec is tailored for PvE/raiding, and is the spec for which you were recruited.
  • You have exceptional situational awareness.  For example: You are able to call out which side a flame wave is coming from while avoiding void zones, fire adds, breaths, and still tank/dps/heal while not dying to aforementioned bad stuff.
  • While we do not require anyone to have “raiding professions”, whichever professions you do have must be maxed.  Yes, we will check.
  • You understand the utility/utilities your class possesses, and can explain and perform them well without being told to do so.
  • You are self-sufficient.
  • You are aware that your primary goal in raids is to survive.
  • You don’t require anyone to hold your hand or walk you through fights.  You ask questions when appropriate without fear of ridicule, and you are aware that the time of the other  people in the raid is just as valuable as yours, and you seek to not waste it.
  • You are a team player, always looking out for the best interests of the raid before your own personal interests.
  • You are always willing to learn, take criticism well, and do not possess an elitist or arrogant attitude.
  • These are our standards.  If you cannot meet them, you will not raid.

If you feel you fit these qualities, please apply.

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