Raiding Expectations

Raiding Expectations

These rules apply to anyone who seeks a raid spot within <Exiles>.

–> Raiders are expected to come to raids prepared, with all necessary flasks, potions, and individual stat food to last through a night of wipes. While guild repairs are always on, they are capped at 200g as they are meant to help with our raiders’ repair costs, not completely cover them. Coming prepared also includes having tomes so you can switch a talent or glyph easily*, as well as having gems and enchants on you so that you can equip a new piece of gear immediately.
*or whatever it is you will need in Legion

–>Raiders are expected to be online, repaired, and at the instance or stone at invite time. If you know you are going to be late or miss a raid, it would be greatly appreciated if you let us know either by posting on our forums, or speaking with someone directly. I also accept text messages. 814 844 4809. Even though the raid sizes are flexible, some fights require an extra healer, or an extra DPS, and it’s important to know who will be available for any given encounter.

–>Raiders are expected to pull their own weight. Being lazy, unfocused, or in a bad mood is unacceptable. In other words, play your heart out, do your job, pull your weight, be focused, driven, and a team player or you will be sat for the night. No longer will we carry people who can’t meet benchmarks or who just “don’t feel like it.” This is for the good of the team as a whole.

–>NO loot drama. Loot drama WILL get you removed from the guild. This is your only warning. We use Suicide Kings as our loot system, and that list will be posted on the forums. If you feel a mistake has been made, please bring it to my attention privately. Public outbursts will not be tolerated. Yes, sometimes someone will get a piece of gear that you wanted; it will drop again. Don’t cause a scene, don’t make a fuss, just get over it. Be an adult.

–>Raiders are expected to understand the fundamentals of their class, research their class/spec, and take constructive criticism. We are also expected to research boss strategies, watch videos (if requested) and understand the basics of upcoming encounters and our specific roles in them, well enough to explain it.

–>Raiders will defer to the raid leader should they have any questions, comments, or concerns that are raid-related. Raid-related problems should only be brought to the officers or guild leader in the event that the raid leader is unavailable or unable to handle your issues.

–>Raiders are expected to understand that there may be fights which require an extra dps, tank, or healer, and that there will occasionally be times when you will be sitting for a specific fight, or asked to play an alternate spec. This is for the good of the team as a whole, and if this is something that is unacceptable to you, you won’t last long here. We put the team before the player. (Sitting out or rotating for fights applies primarily to MYTHIC, but there will be times when a Heroic encounter requires this as well. Just because Heroics are also flexible does not mean every single person will be participating in every single encounter. This is at the raid leader’s discretion.)

–>While we value everyone’s input (when it’s asked for,) our raid leader is in charge of the raid and anything and everything raid-related, including, but not limited to: strategy development and adjustment, which bosses and difficulties we will be working on, and which instance we will be starting with on any given night (if more than one is available.) While the officers and guild leader work with the raid leader to ensure success, we are just raiders during raid time and we will not go over the raid leader’s head unless absolutely necessary. By default, this means that unless the raid leader’s decisions are unrealistic, are contrary to the intent and goals of the guild, or create a hostile raid environment, her decisions stand. If you have a problem with anything the raid leader asks of you, you are absolutely free to speak with her about it. She is reasonable and she will listen. But going over her head to the officers or guild leader is unacceptable except for the situations mentioned above.

–>No drama. If you cause it, continue it, or attempt to coerce others to participate in it, I will remove you. No excuses, no second chances. And not all drama is obvious or overt. I will not have anyone in my guild who causes drama. We do not have any drama here. It is absolutely not tolerated.

Additional expectations:

–>If you are not 100% in control of your raid availability on any given night, you will not be raiding with us *on that particular night*. This includes, but is not limited to, raiding from work or school, having frequent internet issues, lag, or disconnects, since these things make it difficult to pull your own weight.

–>You will be playing the class and spec either for which you were recruited, or for which you indicated would be your main. Alts are not allowed in the main raid unless a specific encounter requires it so please, do not ask if you can bring your alt to the main raid. We have an alt raid for this. If you are unhappy with your main, you may broach the subject with the raid leader and officers and you may be allowed to switch your main. However, if this happens, your new main will be considered a recruit for two full raid weeks, and you will not have priority on loot. There will not be multiple main switches. Pick a toon and stick with it. Absolute misery in a toon is the only reason you should consider a main switch. As stated in another post, you will have until the end of NORMAL mode progression of the first tier of raid content to main-switch if you feel your current main is making you unhappy. After that, you are stuck with the toon you choose as your main and will not be able to main-switch unless you are absolutely and completely miserable and hating life.

The leadership of <Exiles> reserves the right to add, edit, or delete these or any rules at any time and without notice.

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