Guild Expectations

Guild Expectations

Not to be confused with Raider Expectations, Guild Expectations apply to every member of <Exiles>, from Guild Leader to Friend, and they are broken down as follows:

First and foremost we are not a Leveling Guild, a Social Guild, or a Family Guild.  We are a raiding guild.  While we do encourage alt leveling, a positive social atmosphere, and a place for family and friends to hang out, our primary goal is raid progression.  You are more than welcome to join us, benefit from our perks, make friends, and be a part of our extended family, but unless you are a member of our raid team, you will not be raiding with us during current content raids.  Once current content is cleared, we may allow non-raiders to join alt runs or off-night old content runs.  But, as a non-raider in <Exiles>, this is the extent of the raiding you will do as part of a guild group; don’t ask for reconsideration.  If you want to be considered for a raid spot, you may speak to the GM or officers and submit a Raider Application here on the website.  The application is non-negotiable.  Neither is the voice chat interview which will follow.

In public channels, such as General or Trade chat, you are expected to follow the Blizzard Terms of Use that you agree to every time there is a new patch.

In guild chat and vent, there are no language restrictions.  However, you are expected to abstain from language that is meant to disrespect anyone.  Racial, sexual, or religious slurs are frowned upon when used as a way to hurt someone.  This falls under the category of common sense.  Use it.  However, I do not police language.  I expect that members of <Exiles> are adults and can behave like adults, that includes talking to someone privately if something they said bothers you.

Being a member of a guild means being a part of a community.  That means we expect you to actually play the characters you have in our guild and be an active and social part of our community.  Every month, I remove characters who have been inactive for more than a month.  This is, obviously, at my discretion, and I won’t remove you if I knew you were going to be gone for a while.

Although we are a raiding guild, we do have a Friends rank.  And this rank does include alts of people who have mains in other guilds.  While this is fine, the characters you have in my guild are expected to be logged in more than once a month.  They are expected to be social and active within my guild.  If you have no reason to log into those characters, then I have no reason to let you keep them in my guild.  <Exiles> welcomes friends and family, but we are not here to house your alts.

DON’T: whine, beg, ask for money, ask for runs through things, act like a child, clutter guild chat with useless spam or ASCII images, ask for bank rights, or anything else that annoys me.  This applies mostly to newer members.  Older members have more leeway.

When you are in a PUG, whether it’s LFD or a raid, you are expected to act like an adult and represent the guild whose tag you wear above your head.  I take *most* complaints seriously and I will look into them.  However, I really don’t care if you take an herb or a mine from someone and will ignore complaints like that.  Just don’t be a dick.

Don’t be the cause or the catalyst of drama within the guild.  The leadership of the guild won’t tolerate it.  If you’re causing or continuing problems – and not all problems need to be public – we will remove you from the guild.  Don’t assume that you are immune to such actions because you’re a high DPSer, a phenomenal tank, an amazing healer, etc.  Everyone is valuable, but not to an extent that they are free to wreak havoc.  No one is irreplaceable.  Including you. My motto: If you complicate my life, I will un-complicate you from it.

I am not your mother.  I do not micromanage.  Don’t cry to me if you’re having a personal issue.  I am here to run a guild, not a nursery school.  I expect all member of <Exiles> to act like adults and handle their own problems.  If you cannot manage this, then you know where the door is.

Bank Access:
Non-raiding members, recruits, alts, and members without authenticators have ZERO bank withdrawl access.  This is not personal; it is there to protect our members’ investments and this will not change.  Don’t ask.

That being said, if you need something from the bank, and you’ve been a member for more than 2 months, please ask an officer and we will do our best to get it for you.  Certain items, such as BoE epics, epic crafting materials such as blood spirits, and epic recipes are reserved for our raiders.  You are still free to ask for those items, and, per our raiding rules, if no one has claimed them in 1-2 weeks, you may possibly be given them.  However, all items gathered from raids, be they BoEs, recipes, or materials are expected to remain in-guild*, which means you are not to sell or auction them, and we may require you to equip the item upon receiving it.

*If an officer decides to sell or auction an item for guild bank funds, they are within their rights to do so.

<Exiles> has switched from Ventrilo to Mumble so if you haven’t yet been given the information, please speak with me in-game (or check out the Guild Info tab) and I can get you set up.

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