About us

Exiles was formed in March of 2007 as a place for friends and like-minded individuals to get together and raid.  We have been a successful raiding guild for the past 5 expansions and we are excited about pushing harder in Legion.
 We are a “casually hardcore” raiding guild.  We don’t actively seek to set records, but we have high expectations of our raiders.
       In regards to who we are as a guild, we are mature adults who enjoy spending time with friends and having a good time.  We don’t require our members to adhere to specific rules regarding language in guild chat or vent; yet we are still respectful of one another.  There is little to no drama, and when it develops, it is handled internally and personally without being made public.  The leadership is fair, open, and honest, always seeking to put the needs of the guild and/or raid ahead of their own personal needs.
If you have any questions, you may contact an officer in-game.  Thank you.



Exiles’ Leadership

Guild Master – Solaeris (Solaeris#1132)
Officer – Dimisaurus
Officer – Smithers
Officer – Tiakatt
Officer/Raid Leader – Zysca

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