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<Exiles> US-Medivh/Exodar, 3/10M NH is looking to fill out our roster with 3 strong pure DPS classes with one being a non-sub rogue. (No priests.)And if you feel like reading further:

About Us
We are a 10-year-old raiding guild with consistent leadership. We consider ourselves semi-casual in that we only raid 2 nights a week, but our aim is always progression. We focus primarily on Heroic progression, but we also like to play around with Mythic raids after Heroic is cleared. We are not bleeding-edge content raiders, but we expect raiders to come prepared, fully gemmed and enchanted, with knowledge of the fights we will be working on.

Our main raid days and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Our ALT raid team raids on Wednesdays 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM

About You:
– A consistent, reliable DPS who is interested in ONLY playing a DPS role in our main raid. We have enough tanks and healers
– Able to perform your role in a raid environment while maximizing your DPS as well as executing mechanics (good situational awareness.)
– Have logs that we can glance at to see where your performance lies

Once again, we are NOT a hardcore guild, and we are not looking for perfection, elitists, @ssholes, entitled people, or people who consistently make excuses for their performances. While we ARE looking for solid, reliable players, we prefer people who will fit within our team dynamic. We laugh and joke around with each other but also know when to shut up and kill bosses.

If you think you’d be interested, please send a message or in-game mail to one of the following officers, and we’ll be thrilled to talk with you.


Thank you for your interest!
*Points will given for a sexy foreign accent.*

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